One of the biggest perks of having Blades season tickets is the fact that I get to see more of Wade (he also has season tickets).
Hugh and I have been enjoying a bit of alone time away from the kids attending the Blades' games. It is a win-win. We get to watch Brad AND have a conversation without crying, whining, being climbed on, or wiping someone's butt. This picture was taken on my birthday. I am sporting my new Blades' jersey and likely already drank a couple of beer :-). Brad also had them announce a special happy birthday to me. They got my age right (29), but thought I was a guy! 

Boone started skating in Dalmeny this fall. They offer pre-initiation and Boone has been liking it. It runs twice a week, but we have taken off the occasional session. As I said, Boone likes it. He hasn't fallen in love yet. It was a sweet deal in terms of cost, so I don't mind skipping out of the odd session. We want Boone to love hockey, so don't want to force it with him. Boone's first session was hilarious. He is really good at getting himself up when he falls, which is a good thing, because he falls a lot. After about 8 minutes, Boone laid on the ice and stayed there for about 5 minutes. He then picked himself up and skated to the door and let me know he was done. I told him he needed to stay out a bit more and he laid on the ice/skated for 15 more minutes. The boy was sweating (as you can see above). It is a lot of work picking yourself up 84 times. Boone has gotten increasingly better over the last month, but still can only go short distances without falling. He also only pushes with his right foot. It looks hilarious. We can definitely see a bit of Calder in him. When they have put the pucks out and had kids chase them, he will do anything to get there first!

About the 4th practice, Boone started "scraping" with another boy, Landon. He is part of a family we know from Martensville (thankfully). Landon's mom told me that Landon was calling Boone on and Boone skated over, grabbed onto Landon which caused them both to fly the ground. Boone then proceeded to get up and tackle Landon a number of times.  Boone looked like a brute, he is bigger than Landon and a bit quicker to get up. Sigh. There were only two coaches on the ice that day and it took them a while to see what was going on (understandably!). The boys were having fun, but it took a couple more stern talks from the other mom and I before it stopped. 

We carved pumpkins the Sunday before Halloween. Calder carved his own after Hugh drew him the Blades' packman symbol. Boone drew his own and Hugh carved it. I should have taken a picture of Boone's lit up, because I honestly think it turned out the best of all four (not that you could tell from this picture).

We had a large crew for supper and trick or treating on Halloween. The number of trick-or-treaters coming to our house was small when we started off, so all the adults tagged along to the first few houses. About 5 houses down our crescent, it dawned on me that Leeta wasn't with us. I called to Jes and she replied that she left Leeta at our house. Jes is a bit more free-range than I am, so I swiftly jogged back to the house. I could hear Leeta cooing when I started down the hall. She was all tucked in for her evening nap and completely fine. I wasn't too upset. It was much warmer inside!  Lawson lasted about 20 minutes, Boone about 1 hour and Calder 1.5 hours. This provided more candy than we know what to do with. We are glad to have Brad to help us eat it. 


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