At the end of April we headed to Edmonton for Calder's first spring hockey tournament of the year. It was Easter weekend, so it worked out well for us to spend an extra few days with the kids on a family get-away. It was an extra exciting drive as it was the first trip in our "new to us" van. I have a whole, hilarious post about the old van just waiting in my mind, but as you can tell I haven't been very dedicated to making time to write!  The new hot rod has 2 dvd players. The little ones watched Thomas the Train, Calder watched a BBC Dinosaur, and because we took a head set from my sister's van, Hugh and I listened to some fantastic 90's tunes on Google Play on our way up.   Boone also loves dinos so he and Lawson also got in on it as well. Ask Boone about the dino with the broken toe when you see him next.

The roads were absolutely horrific. It had snowed and was snowing. There was a foot of slush on the highways around Lloyd. We were happy to have left early, because there were times we only drove 50 km/h. We were hopeful that Lawson would have her nap in the van as we were on the road from 8:30 am until 3 pm, but alas, it was only Boone who crashed. And by crashed I mean hit the hay hard around 10 am. That boy just can not keep his eyes open in a vehicle.

Lawson did fall asleep in the van. Unfortunately, it wasn't until 5 pm on our way to the rink from our hotel. Hugh took the boys in and I cranked Calder's pump up list while Lawson got a few extra minutes of shut-eye. I was pretty stoked for the game!  Lawson was not impressed to be woken up, but I didn't complain about the cuddles I got as we watched the game.

Calder played all his games at the Terwillegar Community Recreation Center. This is a phenomenal facility with a kids' jungle gym and wave pool. Boone, Lawson and I spent time on both Saturday and Sunday racing around there. It was nice for them to have something special at Calder's hockey. We spend a lot of time at the rink!

Calder played defense most of the tourney, but the last game he played a few shifts at wing. I think he is a winger, but Hugh isn't as sure.  We both agree that at this point he is not a center man! Calder's team lost the tourney to a great team from Calgary. It was the first competitive game we have had against another '09 squad in tournament play. It was fantastic. I wished we could have played them again this season, but it wasn't in the cards. Hopefully next year!

We spent that last half of Sunday at Galaxyland with our wonderful friends the Oblanders. The kids get along great and so do the parents ;-)  Boone absolutely loved the rides. Look at how sweaty he is from running! This ride was a major mom fail, though. I thought it would be fun for the moms, Boone and Jaycee to go on the ship together. We sat right at the back for the full effect. Just as the ride arm was coming down it dawned on me. Boone does not like to be pushed on a swing. Even as a baby, he wouldn't let us push him. THIS RIDE IS A GIANT SWING. Needless to say, Boone hated every minute. But in full Boone style, he was not permanently traumatized (that I am aware, anyway).

Lawson also loved the rides. I think Calder enjoyed them, but likely would have rather us spend the $75 or whatever it was on the games!

We considered hitting the pool at West Edmonton on Monday morning, but the prices are outrageous. We also knew our kids. Calder isn't big into trying new things and Boone and Lawson would have been too little to do a lot of the slides. Instead, we chose to hit up Strathcona Millenium Place. This was an amazing pool and the kids never tired of it all morning. I think for our whole family it was around $20. Win - Win. I didn't take any pictures here. We were in the pool. And when you have a two year old and a Boone, all parental hands are needed on deck.

That afternoon we hit up the Science Center. It was the last day of the Angry Birds Exhibit and we went late enough in the day that we didn't have to battle the crowds.

Everyone loved the magnetic marble wall. There was lots of talk after of Hugh building one for the kids, but thankfully he and our 3 munchkins have forgotten about it! We have enough projects on the go!
Our family vacation was capped off by a wonderful trip to IKEA. Now you may be wondering how a family of 5 could enjoy a trip to IKEA. Let me tell you. All that has to happen is 4 of those members not be in attendance.  Luckily for me, one of the families on Calder's team left their iPad at the rink. Lucky for them it was turned in and we were still in Edmonton to go pick it up. Conveniently, we were in the IKEA neighborhood when we got word. Hugh suggested that he would take the kids back to the rink. Honestly, it was another win - win. 

I love a road trip and this was a great one!


  1. It's so nice to read about your family Jordan. Congrats to Calder and his team! How was the Edmonton science center? We love going to them but have never been in Edmonton.


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